Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Two-fer Tuesday: Andy Timmons

Someone obviously broke into my brain and accessed the file marked "Beautiful Guitar". I know who that person is and thank him for directing to Andy Timmons. Part of me says I've heard of him and part of me says I haven't. I stopped caring about 3 seconds into "Electric Gypsy". Music, as always, wins every argument I ever have with myself.

As much as I'd prefer this first tune to be Andy playing live, I opted for the clearest, prettiest recording available instead. Once you hear it, I think you'll agree this was a good choice.

(Bwhaaa - Andy Timmons, "Electric Gypsy")

(spritzer - Andy Timmons, "Cry For You")

Prevailing wisdom says I should write up something about Timmons, but I honestly don't feel cobbling together a bunch of facts from a few websites will enhance the music any. So, just have a listen and Google him if you're interested. That's what I do.


pamibe said...

Beautiful site, Joanie!!

Joanie said...

thanks, Pam! It's nice to be set up and moving forward.

Stu said...

These 2 recordings speak to me on a level that is difficult, if not impossible to describe. I was so fortunate to unknowingly walk into a small blues club and see him performing! Those are the best kind of surprises.

Joanie said...

Absolutely the best kind of surprise! I get that here every now and again. Hoping it'll happen with Walter Trout this week. Sammy Avila - Walter's keyboard player - and his boys will go to the jam after and give us more than we could ever hope to find in some bar. Last time they had everyone standing on tables, chairs, barstools, bars, etc...enraptured with their take on Whipping Post. And let me tell you, it was something to behold. I've never heard anything like it. Surpassed Allman Bros. For real. Sonic wall of pure music.

When you come across that, you can't walk away. You just can't. And Timmons has been a fantastic discovery for me. Thank you for bringing him to my world.

Stu said...

I was short on time and ideas for my "Turn It Up Tuesday" post so I used Andy today myself. I posted 4 of them, not sure if you've heard the other 2 yet.

Joanie said...

No worries, Stu! I like the two extras you included. Peace of mind, baby.