Saturday, May 29, 2010

Knight of the Guitar Photos

McGarvey, Gooch, Sanchez, and Whitford tore it up at the Las Vegas Hilton! They only had about an hour, hour and a half to rehearse before the show, but you’d never know by the way they locked in and played as if they’d been playing together for years.

Ranging in age from 17 to 23, the guys played with a maturity well beyond their years. Each young man wears his passion for music on his sleeve. It’s evident in every note.

Another highlight of the evening was meeting Robert Knight, whose work I’ve admired for years. You’ve seen his photos. You just have. Especially if you’ve ever visited Guitar Center and seen the RockWalk. Knight’s photography transcends the mere visual recording of musicians in and out of their element — it has heart, it has soul, and it sings, baby! I’d dare say what makes his images so good is the fact that he truly seems to enjoy his subjects as people and not just as a job. And for every photograph he’s ever created, there are probably a thousand more he didn’t take because he respected the performers so much.

One of my favorite Knight images is John Lee Hooker. I walked right up to the photograph in the gallery and it took my breath away. The set of Hooker’s mouth, the tie, the socks, the hands…all absolutely perfect. And then I read the story that accompanied the image and had to laugh when it said something to the effect of “best socks he’d ever seen”. Forgive the fuzzy memory. I’ve yet to go to sleep. Basically, each image in the gallery had a corresponding story and they were all fascinating. Equally fascinating were Maryanne Bilham‘s works.

Brilliant. That’s all I can say.

Black Crowes at Doheny Blues Festival

The Black Crowes were the headliners for Saturday night at the Doheny Blues Festival. They brought the crowd, that’s for sure. In front of the stage there was hardly any room to move around, so the fact that I got these photos from within that crowd is damn near a miracle.

All photos are copyright 2010, Joan Hunt.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Las Vegas Knight of the Guitar

Las Vegas gets a dose of the best medicine around — great music from some of America’s hottest young guns.

Four of the country’s hottest young guitar players will show you where the world of rock is headed in Knight of the Guitar on Friday, May 28 at 8 p.m. Josh Gooch, Ryan McGarvey, Graham Whitford and Yayo Sanchez will be accompanied by Tony “The Fretless Monster” Franklin on bass and Chris Fraiser on drums in this celebration of the grand opening of the Knight Gallery inside the Las Vegas Hilton.

The Knight Gallery offers the works of celebrated rock photographer Robert M. Knight, as well as those of his talented wife, photographer Maryanne Bilham. Knight has captured iconic images of music legends including Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, Carlos Santana, Van Halen and many, many more. His images are quintessential pieces of pop-culture mythology. Knight has also been a discoverer of young talent and has been called a “Rock Prophet,” giving way to the Knight of the Guitar event, featuring these up-and-coming performers.

Date: Friday, May 28

Time: 8 PM

Price: $15 (tax and service charge included)

Location: Hilton Theater

Call the Las Vegas Hilton Box Office (24 hours a day) at 800-222-5361 for tickets or purchase online

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Peter Karp and Sue Foley Tonight at Loveless Cafe – Free Streaming Audio

Okay, guys and gals, it’s time to check into the Loveless Cafe and Motel for some great music. Peter Karp and Sue Foley, along with Dread Clampitt, Sam Bush, Sam Quinn, Black Lillies, and Doug & Talisha Williams will take the stage at 7pm CST.

Go to WSM online and click on “Listen Live” for the show.

Alice Cooper on American Idol Tonight

Straight from Cooper himself, Alice Cooper and Keri Kelli will be performing tonight.

Yes, the rumors appear to be true… your radio show host with the most will show his face on a little TV show called ‘American Idol’!! Even though either Crystal Bowersox or Lee Dewyze will win the title of ‘American Idol,’ Alice Cooper is truly America’s Idol!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hello Cleveland!

Okay, so maybe not just Cleveland. How about “Hello, World!” Yeah, that works for me.

Just returned home from the Doheny Blues Festival last night and I’ve spent the day doing a little much-needed R&R. Don’t worry, I have photos and a delicious wrap up in store for you.

I’d really like to thank the many, many people at Doheny who graciously made room for me, the backpack, and my camera and helped me get to the front of the stage for a song or two. Some of you introduced yourselves, some of you didn’t. Either way, thank you!

I also really want to thank the people behind the scenes at Doheny for putting on a great festival. From the folks who booked the acts to the folks who were cleaning port-a-potties, it took the efforts of a lot of great people to keep things running and to run them successfully.

Whilst I go about the business of creating something coherent out of the lovely jumble in my head, enjoy this wonderful clip of Jackie Greene (one of my personal favorites from the weekend) singing a song I really like. (Video from YouTube of his performance in Rothbury in 2009.)

(PJPook Jackie Greene – “I Don’t Live On The Moon”)