Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Two-fer Tuesday: Suzi Quatro

Honestly, I had something else in mind when I started planning this week’s Two-fer Tuesday. However, XM Radio messed me up with a string of 70s awesomeness, which included Suzi Quatro. Who didn’t love Leather Tuscadero on Happy Days? C’mon, she was the coolest character next to Fonzie. Hell, she outcooled the cool-meister!

There are a couple generations who only know of Leather via reruns and they have no clue that Suzi Quatro had been singing her heart out for several years before she ever set foot on the set of a TV sitcom in the late 70s. She was cast without an audition as Leather Tuscadero after Happy Days producer Garry Marshall saw her poster on his daughter’s bedroom wall.

Quatro’s “Devil Gate Drive” was used on Happy Days, as incongruous as it was, during the episode when Joanie thinks she’s ready to leave home and hit the road as one of Leather’s backup singers. (I know, it’s wrong that I know all this. I have a head for mindless trivia, I tell ya.)

(The1970sChannel – Suzi Quatro, “Devil Gate Drive”)

Suzi’s biggest hit, however, was a duo with Chris Norman called “Stumblin’ In”, a song that, to this day, I can’t help but sing along with.

(luvslugg – Suzi Quatro and Chris Norman, “Stumblin’ In”)

Super extra bonus vids this week: bad choreography and costumes, and something rockin’.

(carpalton – Suzy Quatro, “Johnny B. Goode”)

(fuckinchikenshit – Suzy Quatro, “Rock Hard”)

Suzi Quatro, who just celebrated her 60th birthday (the woman does NOT look 60), has been living in the UK for decades and can still be found performing throughout Europe. Now that, my friends, is how you rock!

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