Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Two-fer Tuesday: Stoney Curtis Band and the Michael Schenker Group ft. Chris Logan

I've been working on a project for the past week involving the Stoney Curtis Band, so it's fitting that I've been listening to him a lot music as I work.

My favorite SCB tune: "Last Train to Chicago".

As much as I love SCB's previous work, can I mention how excited I am about the upcoming release, Cosmic Connection? Once there are videos or even audio clips available, I will be posting away. I expect the new album to be nothing short of brilliant.

I haven't been listening to Stoney Curtis exclusively, though. In fact, I've been listening to a friend of his, Chris Logan, providing lead vocals for the Michael Schenker Group. I consider myself a lucky girl in that I occasionally get to see both Curtis and Chris share the stage. It's like musical magic. Anyhow, from MSG and Chris, "On & On".

I gotta get back to the salt mines, so enjoy the music and have a great day.

Okay, I'm sneaking one more in. My favorite song with Logan on vocals. From Jake E. Lee's Retraced, "I'll Be Creepin'".

And from Curtis again..."Bullets". Heavy, but fabulous.


Stu said...

Last Train to Chicago does rock! And I love that Rocco Prestia-esque 16th note bass line.

Great vocals by Chris. He compares favorably to the late gerat Ronnie James Dio

Joanie said...

You have to come visit so I can take you to see these guys.

You'd be in seventh heaven.