Thursday, October 7, 2010

Help Choose a Cover for the New Roomful of Blues CD

Seems the band, Roomful of Blues (love them!), has a new album coming out called Hook, Line & Sinker. Alligator Records wants your help on choosing the cover art.

What do you need to do?

Very simply, click on this link and go vote for one of these covers.

Roomful of Blues' new album needs a cover. Which one do you like?

You may even win a copy of the CD in the process. How cool is that?

Last time I checked, the lineup for the band looked a little something like this:

Chris Vachon, guitar
Phil Pemberton, vocals
Bryan "Frankie" Rizzuto, Upright bass and Bass guitar
Ephraim Lowell, Drums
Travis Colby, Piano and B3 Organ
Rich Lataille, Tenor and Alto saxophone
Doug Wolverton, Trumpet
Mark Earley, Baritone saxophone and Tenor saxophone

Don't know if we'll get the usual suspects on this new disc, but let's face it, any new music from Roomful is bound to be tasty!


Stu said...

Monty, I'll take door # 2...

Joanie said...

I thought that seemed to fit the theme quite nicely myself.

Musings from the Smartest Man in the World said...

Had to pick #1. ;-)

Joanie said...

not a bad choice. Either way, both work the theme pretty well, wouldn't you say?