Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Two-fer Tuesday – Rod Stewart and Faces

Once upon a time I hated Rod Stewart. I was five years old and my older sister told me I looked like him (I had a shag haircut and, granted, it was awful). I wept. I tried to break her album. I tried to kick her. But nothing worked. It took me years to grow into loving Rod, but it did happen and I was glad that the name my sister had uttered stuck in my mind.

I’ve seen Rod the Mod in concert a number of times, each show better than the last. Bagpipes, a soccer ball, running and jumping about, and the ability to deliver a damn good time has always been part of what makes Stewart special to me. Throw in a former boyfriend who usually accompanied me and some songs that make my heart beat erratically and it’s a recipe for awesome. Yes, I said a recipe for awesome.

While there is at least one generation who hear the name Rod Stewart and think he only does the old standards, let us please disavow this notion with a look back at the man in earlier times.

(rockinjac – Rod Stewart & the Faces, “Stay With Me”)

(dawgmusic – Rod Stewart and the Faces, “I’d Rather Go Blind”)

For those of you who hold fond memories of Rod going solo in the 70s, here’s a bonus video, albeit one from later in his career but he’s still rockin’ the tune! Every Picture Tells A Story is very likely my favorite Stewart album of all times although Gasoline Alley is a close second.

(rockinjac – Rod Stewart, “Every Picture Tells A Story”)

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