Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Benjy Davis Project Offers Free Digital Sampler Album

I love discovering new music, new artists, new…well, everything. I was intrigued by the news of a free digital album and being the curious sort I am, I had to go check it out.

Benjy Davis Project is smooth and gentle on the soul and manages to avoid the soupy slop that most indie/rock/soft country (what on earth are we calling these artists anymore?) singer/songwriters find themselves in. A free sampler is the perfect route to go when you have a lot of material to cover and just a few minutes to land new fans.

“Check Your Pocket” has a nice bounce to it, “Sweet Southern Moon” is a perfect summer crush tune, “Mississippi” is my favorite of the bunch and almost demands repeated listens as do “Green And Blue” and “She Ain’t Got Love.” “The Day That I Die” could be easily forgotten, but it’s not. “No More Pills”…there’s just something about this song that makes you take a second listen. I hear a lot of different things in “214″ that strike a chord and they all call to me. The opening lyrics of “Same Damn Book” hooked me immediately, while the sparseness of the guitar on “Raining In Me” wrapped around my head and wouldn’t let go.

Curious about the rest of the BDP catalogue, I decided to head over to the BDP website and had myself a listen to every song available and ended up walking away with a copy of Dust for $4.99 (it says $2.99 on the site, but hell, even if you had to pay $10.99, it’d be worth it). Guess I have something new and different for my summer playlist!

Sadly, I won’t have the opportunity to see the band as they tour the country. However, you may have that chance and I’d take it if I were you.

7/13/2010 Evanston, IL SPACE (w/Matt Hires)

7/14/2010 Columbus, OH Rumba Café (w/Kate Tucker & Matt Hires)

7/15/2010 Cleveland, OH Cambridge Room @ HOB (w/Sister Hazel)

7/17/2010 Pittsburgh, PA Club Café (w/Matt Hires)

7/18/2010 Lancaster, PA Long’s Park Amphitheatre

8/4/2010 Seaside, FL Seaside Concert Series

8/13/2010 Destin, FL The Shed

8/14/2010 Ocean Springs, MS The Shed

8/17/2010 Jacksonville, FL Jack Rabbits

8/19/2010 Orlando, FL The Plaza Theatre (w/Jacob Jeffries)

8/27, 28, 29 Isle of Palms, SC The Windjammer

9/2/2010 Baton Rouge, LA The Varsity Theatre (w/Ingram Hill)

9/3/2010 Hattiesburg, MS Mugshots

9/4/2010 Nashville, TN Exit/In w/Ingram Hill

9/5/2010 Eclectic, AL Lake Martin Amphitheater (w/Shooter Jennings & Corey Smith)

9/9/2010 West Columbia, SC New Brookland Tavern (w/Ingram Hill)

9/30/2010 Birmingham, AL Zydeco (w/Ingram Hill)

10/2/2010 Auburn, AL Bourbon Street (w/Ingram Hill)

10/15/2010 Pensacola Beach, FL De Luna Festival

10/28/2010 Tuscaloosa, AL Jupiter Bar & Grill (w/Ingram Hill)

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