Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Two-fer Tuesdays: The Skooners

As I am wont to do, I’ve changed things up a bit for Two-fer Tuesdays. I’ll get back to movies with great music next week. This week needed something more awesome. And awesome it shall be.

I caught this great indie band, the Skooners, during First Friday about ten days ago and I’ve not been able to shake the feeling that these guys are on the brink of something very big. They’re part The Cure and part The 88; a mix of the old, the new, the known, and the unknown. They’re melodic and energetic and their music is infectious.

My first encounter with the band was when I complimented bassist Max Supera on his dynamite feather boa (the band, dressed in vintage clothes from the Gypsy Den, were appearing as the Ladyboys, if that makes any sense). Then Adam Yarbro (keyboard) came by with his very sparkly Dynasty dress and knit hat. I was enjoying this. Maybe a little too much. Drummer Jake Farmer had been wandering around in what looked like an old striped two piece mens swimsuit. While cooling off in the gallery behind the stage, my friend and I talked with lead singer Blair Dewane. I mentioned his super short shorts were reminiscent of northern East Coast 70s/80s cutoffs and suggested he tuck the boxer briefs up so as to give the fans a cheap thrill at the possibility of catching a glimpse of the boys. I laughed as he did just that, remembering all too well this fashion disaster and how many times I saw things I’d rather not have seen. Later, I spoke briefly with Ian Dewane (guitarist) and gave him pointers on how to crouch down in his lovely green frock in a more ladylike manner. Hey, I’m not an expert on etiquette or anything, but I at least know that much! I’m happy to annouce that Ian was very proper while the band finished setting up.

Watching the Blair spin and dance as he sang up a storm, I realized I was experiencing something special. In my first seven months here in Las Vegas, I’ve mostly seen blues, rock, country, acoustic folk, and acts performing standards. Never did I imagine that I’d find myself standing in front of a stage on a very warm night (still over half a million degrees at 8pm), dancing along with an alt indie pop band, feeling 15 years old again. I was having more fun than I’d had in a very long time. If I’d known the Skooners had a CD release party later at the Bunkhouse later that evening, I’d have insisted we go. I wouldn’t have cared if I was amongst the oldest people in the crowd either. The band is fun! And they know quite well what they’re doing as songwriters and performers. Their act is as tight as Blair’s shorts and they bring unbridled energy to the stage.

After listening to anything and everything I could find online, I’m declaring my undying love for “Ha Ha Ya Lie” and “All I Want”. I’ve ordered my copy of their CD Grow a Mustache, Change Your Name and you can bet your ass I’m going to keep an eye on their schedule so I can catch them again. I haven’t yet decided if I’ll take them the friendship bracelets I’ve been making for them over the last ten days, into each I’ve woven “BFF!” Maybe. Not so much.

(Jazoof – The Skooners, “Just Right”)

(Mojorepublik – The Skooners, “Sweet Marie”)

Check ‘em out on their website and Myspace.

Photos of the Ladyboys, aka the Skooners, from First Friday:

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