Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bascom Hill’s “My World (Sucks to be You)” Video Debuts on YouTube

Bascom Hill’s new video debuted Wednesday, June 9, on YouTube. The hook-y, party vibe tune features Lou Ferrigno as a fairy godfather of sorts. Fun, inoffensive, and all of 3:45 long, it’s worth a look. Watch for this song to top the charts this summer as it’s the perfect feel-good tune for warm days around the pool, at the beach, or even if you’re stuck working at Hot Dog on a Stick at the mall.

Bascom Hill is Charlie Victor, Lead Vocals; Tom Reschke, Drums; Quin Stickler, Bass; Jason Sheridan, Acoustic Guitar.

[Bascom Hill - "My World (Sucks to be You)"]

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