Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Two-fer Tuesday: The Son's Choices

My son is visiting this week, so I told him to pick a couple videos. Here are his choices.

First up, Golden Earring - cuz you can never get enough dramatic spy music videos and cheesy 80s dancing. All at the same time.

And Billy Idol. Because nothing says cheesy 80s dancing better than cheesy dancing zombies!

Of course, it wouldn't be an adequate Two-fer Tuesday without a bonus or two. How about some cheesy 80s dancing with older Brits from the Kinks?

Perhaps a little cheesy 80s stop animation dancing from Men At Work is in order, too. *Now with extra random old lady appearance!*

Ah, I do believe I've taught him well. He's even grown a thin, cheesy mustache to go along with the theme.


pamibe said...

Oh, wow! Music may be timeless, but these are like a time machine!! Especially Twilight Zone... ;)

Joanie said...

Cool, huh? Love this kid. His musical knowledge and depth is pretty amazing. 14 and you'd think he's been alive forever.